Day 53, JUNE 23, 2018

What an amazing day.  We were in Pasadena, California for The Arroyo Seco Music Festival.  Tickets, a birthday present from my wonderful friend, Richard, who shares my passion for Neil Young but lives in Israel and couldn’t attend.


We came specifically for Neil Young, the others were just icing on the cake.  Jack White came on just before Neil Young.  We were crammed, jam-packed, wedged, and squeezed in; if the guy next to me took a sip of his beer, I had to take a sip of mine.  A bit uncomfortable but too excited to care.  The young guy next to me, probably 23 or 24 years old asked if I had ever seen Jack White before.  I had not.  He said “he is gonna melt your face! He totally shreds it!”  I got half of that, the shreds it half.  I know that means he is going to play the guitar like a monster!  The “melt my face part,” caught me off guard, but I liked it and my excitement grew by bounds.  Jack White did not disappoint, he gives 110%.  I can’t wait to see him again, seriously, can’t wait!

About 20 minutes prior to Neil Young taking the stage, the crowd swelled.  It swelled in numbers and enthusiasm.  We were super close to the stage, about 20 rows back.  Jack White had gotten us primed.  If you haven’t been in a crowd like that before or for a long time, let me tell you I am not exaggerating when I say I could not move more than two inches in any one direction.  Again, a tad uneasy but too excited to care.  His incredible backup band, Promise of the Real includes two of Willie Nelson’s sons.  They started the set with a 20-minute version of  Like an Inca.  They played for 2 hours, this guy is just shy of 73 years old and still rockin!  Check out this link for the song list and comments from Neil Young about the show.   https://www.jambase.com/article/neil-young-writes-unplanned-set-promise-real-arroyo-seco-weekend

A beautiful and exhilarating day full of memories I will always cherish.

Neil Young is the prime example, the grand goal, if you will. He’s still shredding, and he never lost his credibility. Mac DeMarco

“I have a lot of faith in the younger generation of music lovers. Youth isn’t living in the past; if somebody tells them that there’s something better than what they have, they’re going to check it out. And if they like it, they’re going to get it. I’m not worried about the youth. Young people aren’t just looking back, they are also looking forward.”  — Neil Young




DAY 52, JUNE 22, 2018

Let’s dissect:  cali – fornication meaning something completely different than my intent of californi – cation as in California vacation.

My husband and I went to Pasadena, California for a concert.  We fell in love with the town for its many restaurants, fun nightlife, lovely architecture, and because we were able to walk everywhere rather than drive.

We arrived late afternoon and checked into the Sheraton Pasadena.  A nice hotel in a really convenient location with a very long, eery hallway, this is just half the length.


We freshened up and hit the streets to explore.  We actually started contemplating moving to the very fine city.  Reality soon adjusted those errant thoughts when we remembered the incredibly high property tax, the traffic outside the Old Town area, the extremely high cost of living, and the plain and simple fact that we could never afford a place to live.  Otherwise, a fun little delusion.

We opted for Korean BBQ for dinner.  What could be more fun than being on vacation and cooking your own food!?!  We sat at a bbq table where you order raw meats and vegetables and cook it yourself.  A little duck, a little steak, a little pork and some veggies.  Small pieces that cook up fast, so you can keep adding more until you have had your fill.


And what would make it better… beer of course or better yet, Sake Bombers.


A fine start to a fun vacation.

Cali:  “There are no real Californians. There are only people who live there and people who don’t.” 
― Laura Kalpakian