DAY 52, JUNE 22, 2018

Let’s dissect:  cali – fornication meaning something completely different than my intent of californi – cation as in California vacation.

My husband and I went to Pasadena, California for a concert.  We fell in love with the town for its many restaurants, fun nightlife, lovely architecture, and because we were able to walk everywhere rather than drive.

We arrived late afternoon and checked into the Sheraton Pasadena.  A nice hotel in a really convenient location with a very long, eery hallway, this is just half the length.


We freshened up and hit the streets to explore.  We actually started contemplating moving to the very fine city.  Reality soon adjusted those errant thoughts when we remembered the incredibly high property tax, the traffic outside the Old Town area, the extremely high cost of living, and the plain and simple fact that we could never afford a place to live.  Otherwise, a fun little delusion.

We opted for Korean BBQ for dinner.  What could be more fun than being on vacation and cooking your own food!?!  We sat at a bbq table where you order raw meats and vegetables and cook it yourself.  A little duck, a little steak, a little pork and some veggies.  Small pieces that cook up fast, so you can keep adding more until you have had your fill.


And what would make it better… beer of course or better yet, Sake Bombers.


A fine start to a fun vacation.

Cali:  “There are no real Californians. There are only people who live there and people who don’t.” 
― Laura Kalpakian