DAYS 19 & 20 MAY 21, 2018

       Hotel Arizona
Hotel in Arizona
Made us all want to feel like stars
Rental cars with tinted windows
Leave another number for me
And even if I make it through
That’s just something that I have to get used to
That’s just something I have to get used to
I feel some connection between you and me
Well I guess there’s some direction
Maybe you can’t see

Coming home after a trip is always bittersweet.  Happy to see my husband and dogs and sleep in my own bed.  The best part of the next few days will be the lingering feeling that I have my feet in two different places.  The longer I stay away, the longer that feeling remains.
Bisbee has a designated loop of 1000 Steps; actual stair steps.  An Ironman Competition is hosted every year in October (see link below).  We climbed our share of stairs but did not complete the loop.  Some of these photos are stairs that are included in the Loop and others are just stairs we discovered along our way.

On our way to dinner we stopped in our favorite stairwell for a group shot, enlisting the kind assistance of a couple walking by.

Group on Silver stairs

We girls at dinner at Cafe Roca. A quaint Italian restaurant where we had a delicious, filling meal, great conversation, and the whole balcony level to ourselves.

Cafe Roca

Back to our room for late night Gin Rummy on the patio and a lot of tears… from laughing that is.

Bisbee Gin Rummy


I get it:  “We do not stop playing because we grow old. We grow old because we stop playing”.  Author unknown.