You may not think of Arizona when you think of incredible live music but that would be a misconception, an underestimation, a mismanagement of fact.  You don’t have to believe what you read here but there is no mistaking what you can hear below.

I was wowed by these three bands at The Elks Theater in Prescott, Arizona this past weekend.

Walt R and Blain L

Give a listen to Walt Richardson who has been performing beautiful, inspirational,  reggae rock music in AZ  for so long he is an Arizona Music Hall of Fame icon and should be classified a State Treasure.  His song, What Happens To Me brought tears to my eyes; it is heartfelt, personal and full of wisdom.

The Cheektones have a bunch of good songs but this one, Sweet should be at the top of the charts.

Blaine Long, a singer, songwriter (you may have seen him on The Voice) and Rosas Del Rey blew us all away performing their incredible, original songs. Good Time Friend should be a huge hit!

Drew Hall played lead guitar for each band and is so impressive, it is hard to believe he isn’t a household name.

I would love to hear what you think after you’ve listened to the music.


In the midst of hardship, it was the music that restored my soul. Ji-Hae Park