Are French Fries the New Red Dye Number 2

Sometimes sharing an idea helps me determine if it is, in fact, a good one.  Sometimes sharing gives me the incentive I need to do something I find difficult or taxing.  In some cases, it is because I want to share the idea or activity with friends.  For example, I started an exercise work out in the park and friends joined me as I led a routine that got us all out and exercising.

I have always been self-motivated, I am usually like a dog with a bone in regards to most tasks but with some things I need an extra push.  For me, telling my friends is usually what “tips the cookies out of the jar.”  Take giving up french fries for one month; if everyone knows I have vowed not to eat them, I can’t very well get away with eating them, even alone, I would feel guilty and have to confess my cheat.  I am not just making an example to get a point across here, I am actually giving up french fries for one month!  I read somewhere that eating french fries takes days off of your life expectancy.  Makes sense, yet I still eat the salty, tasty side dish.  In addition to eliminating fries, I am eliminating chips.  No chips of any kind!  I do expect you to be watching.  Carrots and Salsa anyone?

There are other reasons I share, I find joy in being with friends.  I love making crafts but find I have been more inclined to put things off.  So I have put together a schedule of craft sessions and have invited friends over a couple days each month to join me in the making of things.  Different friends attend according to their schedules.  It is much more enjoyable in groups.  We learn from each other and I am spreading my wings, making things I may not have made otherwise.

First, it was etching designs on stemless wine glasses and candle vases, this was the set up:Craft Party Prep

Then came silk screened tee shirts:tee shirt

And I am excited to use my craft supplies:craft supplies closet

This next Sunday we will be silk screening designs on tea towels.  These are the other sessions I have scheduled that take us right up to the end of the holiday season:

September – Rag Rug Making and Rosemary Rum Punch

September – Mod Podge Trinket Dishes and Margaritas

October – Sinus Clearing Shower Melts and Sparkling Pomegranate Punch

November – Mercury Glass and Mojitos

November – Soap Making and Spiced Sangria

December – Gift Tags and Grinch Punch

December – Stocking Suffers and Jingle Juice

December – Cookie Exchange/decorating gift boxes/end of sessions party and Eggnog Mudslides

We make a lot of interesting handmade things to take home, give as gifts or keep.  We laugh, we eat, we drink.  We get our “craft on” and we have girl time.

…And now you know what you are getting for Christmas.



Go on, get your craft on!

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