DAY 54 & 55,  JUNE 24 & 25, 2018

Our last day in California was spent with good friends, seeing their pretty new house and watching their sons play softball.  Two games, two different fields.  Beautiful LA weather.  Lovely way to spend a Sunday.

I miss my dogs when I am away.  I have a wonderful house/dog sitter, thank you, Laurie, so I don’t worry.  I would just rather be with them than not.  When I am traveling and see other dogs, I can’t resist asking to pet them.  I need my dog fix.  Dogs make me happy.  Getting home after a trip and seeing their happy faces is the best part of coming home.  Meet  Albie; aka The White One, aka Albertini, aka Al, aka Bean, aka Teeny Tiny, and McGee; aka Mr. McGee, aka The Brown One, aka MCGEE!*#@&*, aka Bionic Dog, aka My Heart.

AHHHHHHHHHG!  So cute!  I love coming home to these guys.

One of the so many great quotes about dogs:  Dogs are not our whole life but they make our lives whole.  Roger Caras

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