DAY 46, JUNE 16, 2018

I was asked to hold the date.  I was told I would be gathered.  I was then blindfolded, put into a car and driven about ten minutes from my home.    I had no idea where I was going.  Sound like the beginning of a best selling mystery novel?  Nah.

A group of friends put together a Suprise Craft Party, a SCRAPY if you will.  Say whaaaat!  Friends, food, booze, and crafts; what could be more fun!  Each cagey, I mean crafty gal introduced a craft and supplied everyone the necessary items to complete the craft.  We made a dog pull toy from flannel shirts, 2 kinds of gemmed candle jars, 2 detox foot soaks, giant decorative clothespins, patriotic rice candles, and bottlecap flowers.  We had amazing salads, pulled pork and 2 kinds of pie.  We had pink champagne, wine, cocktails, and beer.  We settled in and created fond memories.

Below, with our booty. Our swag. Our bundle.

Thank you, Amber, for hosting and Laurie and all the girls for all your efforts putting this together.  You got me!

For Crafters:  Wife:  “I told you I could keep all of my crafts in one box.”  Husband:  “I wish you would stop calling our house a box.”

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