DAY 16, MAY 17, 2018

      I Want Candy
I know a girl who’s tough but sweet
She’s so fine, she can’t be beat
She’s got everything that I desire
Sets the summer sun on fire
I want candy
I want candy
I want candy
I want candy
       Aaron Carter


Phew, on the mend and already looking for something sweet to eat.  I adore crepes.  I make an awesome crepe!  I try not to make them often, in fact it has been over a year but today I just happened to have some strawberries and some overly speckled bananas that had to be eaten.  I also felt the urge to spoil myself after a few days of pain.

I have always used the Crepes recipe from my old faithful Betty Crocker’s Cookbook.  My version is the Third Edition from 1980 but it was first published in 1969.  As you can see below, I have a small collection of cookbooks, B.C. stays at the top for easy reach as I use it the most.  The Cake Bible and Skinny Taste are other top favs.  I think it was two weeks ago someone posted the Betty Crocker’s Cookbook on Facebook with a caption that read ” who remembers this cookbook?”  Well I do, that’s who.


I prefer the sweet crepe to the savory and I pile fruit and whipped cream inside, roll it up, drizzle warm maple syrup on top, and dig in.  I usually make this for breakfast but didn’t have the time so it truly was a special dessert after dinner this evening.

crepes recipe

I love that the recipe advises you to roll the crepe so that the attractive side is on the outside.

Make crepes at least once in your life, they are delicious and can be refrigerated and eaten a couple days later.  It may take one or two crepes to get the skillet rotation down and the thinness you want to achieve but once you do, it is easy.  Just hold the pan handle as you pour the batter in the center and turn it to coat the bottom of the pan.  The best tip I can give you is to use a Teflon pan, oh and do take heed, keep them stacked between waxed paper or they will stick.  I cut up about a dozen 4X4 squares (6 pieces cut in half) in advance and plop them on top as each crepe goes on the plate.  These crepes are about 8 inches.

Cooked Crepes

You can make them as thin or thick as you like.  As dark or light as you like.  I mix it up a bit mostly because I do not measure.  I am guessing I use about 1/4 C. of batter into the very hot pan (set on med/high).  No need to add butter to the pan after the first time as the first crepe will soak up any extra, it is always a fail for me.  I also never get the pan quite hot enough until that second crepe.  Hope you have a wide spatula, it helps.  Unless of course you are a great cook and can flip those babies over.  I cannot.

Crepes ready to eat

They don’t call it a “Special Dessert” for nothing.  Bon appetit.

Quote for the day:  Keep calm and eat crepes.

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