THE FACE [Alternate Title – Root Canal Fail]

DAYS 13, 14, 15. MAY 14-16, 2018

     Somebody Told Me
Well there's laughter and love
And there's a lot of pain
I never want to see your
Pretty face again

So much for doing something I love for 60 days straight.  It was hard to do much of anything these past couple of days.  Woke on Day 13 with a super swelled up face and headed to the dentist where an Xray confirmed an 8 year old root canal had failed and was infected and inflamed.   Armed with antibiotics, pain meds and an appointment to return for an extraction and implant, I went home and spent the day in bed.

puffy face

However, a light at the end of the tunnel, I was able to read which I love and spend quality time with my dogs which I love.  I will get back on track and am looking forward to feeling good.


Chew on this:    My dentist told me I need a crown.  I was like, I know, right?
Author Unknown.

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