DAY 9, MAY 10, 2018

       Happy Birthday To Me
Happy, happy birthday to me
Happy birthday to me and to you
Happy, happy birthday to me
Happy birthday to me and to you
I'm feeling thankful for the small things today
I'm feeling thankful for the small things today

I guess you cannot have a Blog with a title that includes the word “healthful” and not spend some time on health.  I have been asked if diet and exercise will play a part.  While I am not a dietician nor a trainer and this is not a health oriented Blog, it is an important part of aging.   I am going to share great recipes I find that are easy and healthy on occasion.  I may share a favorite exercise here and there but fear not, I know very few people like to hear about someone else’s workout.  I think it makes us wonder if we are doing enough or makes us feel bad if we are not.

As I prepare for 22 guests for dinner and poker on Saturday, there are a few health concerns I have to take into consideration.   I have friends who are gluten free, no really.  I have friends avoiding dairy.  I have friends who can’t eat seeds or nuts and I have friends who eat only healthy foods.  It makes no sense to invite someone you care about to a gathering and not take their needs into consideration.  I am quite sure the giant chocolate cake is going to drive a few people who can’t eat it crazy, but the birthday boy loves chocolate and there will be one.  So as not to deprive anyone of a sweet concoction, I have done some research.

It is already quite hot here in Arizona and turning the oven on is something we do sparingly this time of year.  Rather than my favorite cheesecake recipe, I have opted for a No Bake Cheesecake. The recipe is from Martha Stewart https://www.marthastewart.com/858246/no-bake-cheesecake, however, I found a gluten free crust at Epicurious https://www.epicurious.com/recipes/member/views/gluten-free-cheesecake-crust-50093327.  I used the no bake cake recipe and the GF crust recipe.


Did you notice I started with dessert!  The entrée will be roasted chicken thighs, roasted potatoes and Mexican Soup  https://thrivinghomeblog.com/2014/04/crowd-pleaser-mexican-soup/.  All gluten and dairy free options.  I love parties, I love Texas Holdem’.

Quote for today:  If you really want to make a friend, go to someone’s house and eat with him… the people who give you their food, give you their heart.  Cesar Chavez


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