Welcome to my 60 day adventure…

Nope, not gonna go there!  That self-criticism and light hearted grumbling place we fall into as we age.

Research indicates that it takes about two months to change a habit or create a new habit.  I will endeavor to change my habit of complaining about the aging process.  I will do my best to live the rest of my life recognizing that each day is the first day of the best of my life.

Join me as I celebrate 60 Days to 60.  Starting May 2, 2018, I plan to do something I love every day for 60 days.  Some small things, some grand, but all with the intent of forming a habit of making the best of each day.  I will take the time to tell you all of the wonderful things I am doing.  I hope you follow along, pass it on to friends or start your own 60 days to a new habit.  Maybe we can create something important.  Visit my blog on May 2 for the launch of my new improved outlook on growing old with grace.

6 thoughts on “Welcome to my 60 day adventure…

  1. 60 is going to look great on you because the last 59 years have looked marvelous! Can’t wait to read your blog. Looking forward to it. Love you

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